Canvas for Parents

Parents are able to register as an observer on Canvas and view their student's upcoming assignments, grades, rubrics, teacher comments, and projects.  It is highly recommended that you claim an observer account for your students to easily keep track of what they are and are not doing.  This helps a lot with communication between parents and teachers, as parents can easily see what work the student is doing, what is missing, what is coming up and so forth. 

Canvas Parent Portal Link

Directions on Claiming Your Observer Account

Canvas has a Parent Portal set-up for parents/guardians to enroll into Canvas in order to see their student's information.

Parent/guardians will use this URL to enroll:

There is a banner near the top right that says, "Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here for an Account". The parent/guardian will click on this banner and then enter the information into the Parent Signup window that opens:

These fields are:

  •  The Parent/Guardian's Name
  • The Parent/Guardian's Email
  • The Child/Student's Username (This is the student's UID number and parents/guardians will need to know what to enter in this field. )
  • The Child/Student's Password (This is NOT the password that the student uses to log into Canvas. Parents/Guardians will need to enter the password based on the following format: The password is in the form of + + + + If the student does not have a middle initial, a lower case n should be used. Password Structure Examples: Student Example 1: Student, James Michael Smith has a UID of 3456835, and a date of birth of March 6, 2001 Using the above student information, the Password the parent/guardian would use for this is: 3456835m03062001 Student Example 2: Student, Thomas Wilson has a UID of 7359137, and a date of birth of November 23, 1999 (Note: This student does not have a middle initial) Using the above student information, the Password the parent/guardian would use for this is: 7359137n11231999

The parent/guardian will need to accept the terms and then click on the Start Participating button and finish setting up their account.

Video: Use Canvas as an Observer