There are many ways to make a weld and many  different kinds of welds. Some processes cause sparks and others do not even require extra heat.  Welding can be done anywhere - outdoors or in- doors, underwater and in outer space.

Nearly everything we use in our daily life is welded or made by equipment that is welded. Welders help build metal products from coffee pots to skyscrapers. They help build space vehicles and millions of other products ranging from oil drilling rigs to automobiles. In construction, welders are virtually rebuilding the world, extending subways, building bridges, and helping to improve the environment by building pollution control devices.

The use of welding is practically unlimited. There is no lack of variety of the type of work that is done.



Program Overview

Currently our lab is outfitted with 8 welding stations allowing students the opportunity to practice their craft and gain valuable training hours.  Through the practice of the the art of welding, students develop the muscle memory needed to achieve high quality welds required for industry.

The welding courses are offered on our campus through Mitchell Community College.  An application is required to take this course (see Student Resources).