Courses Offered


Courses Offered

Photography/Digital Film Production ( Honors)

This two-block, semester-long honors course for juniors and seniors will cover advanced practices in both Photography and Digital Film Production.  As many of the concepts are intertwined, these two subjects are extremely complimentary. 

The Photography portion will take the advanced student photographer to the next level, aiding them in developing a professional portfolio consisting of work with real-world clients. Basic concepts of image composition and image manipulation will be reviewed, as students learn to look critically at their work and view the photograph as a full story within the image.  Projects will focus on portraiture, advertising, photojournalism and nature photography.

Digital Film Production will take the aspiring director to the next level, focusing on the entire production process.  From concept development to client meetings; budgeting to wardrobe design; shooting and editing; and finally distribution, students will be engaged in learning the responsibilities of every major position on a film set.  Working as a team, students will create two short-film productions for potential festival entry. 



This course will prepare each student for an easy transition into college, trade schools or directly into the field.  Networking and job shadow opportunities will be available for students to begin building their bank of mentors. 


Broadcast Journalism


This two-block, semester long honors level course for juniors or seniors focuses on the methods and techniques for reporting, producing, and delivering news programs and talk shows through the internet, television, and mobile media. This class will prepare students for higher education to be professional broadcast journalists, editors, producers, and directors. Course will include instruction in the principles of broadcast technology, broadcast reporting, video editing, news directing, television production and professional standards and ethics.


Students will work together under the guidance of a teacher/mentor as they report on events throughout Iredell County, and combine their work into a weekly news broadcast. Emphasis is placed on students demonstrating their abilities to use content and apply knowledge to real-world situations, enhancing their skills in leadership, communication, writing, speaking, problem solving, and conflict resolution.  




This is an honors level course.  Students will become public representatives of I-SS and are expected to conduct themselves as such. 


Advanced Studio Production

The Advanced Studio Production course is offered as a CTE completer for those who have taken CTE courses in Multimedia Webpage Design, Digital Media, Adobe Visual Design and/or Adobe Video Design.  Students in this class will produce a weekly talk show featuring guests from throughout Iredell County.  


Students will learn all positions in the studio and perform tasks such as segment producers, hosts, director, technical director, floor director, teleprompter operator, and more.   Each weekly show will be broadcast on YouTube for sharing with friends and family.