Courses Offered


Courses Offered

Public Health/Gerontology

Public Health Fundamentals is taught in conjunction with Fundamentals of Gerontology.  

The Public Health Fundamentals course is designed to assist future healthcare professionals to understand the unique challenges and strategies involved in the delivery of healthcare outside traditional facilities and without traditional supervision structure. Public Health Fundamentals carries NC Division of Health Services Regulation registry endorsement when certain criteria are met.  

The course Fundamentals of Gerontology is the adapted DHSR Geriatric Aide Course 2008.  Upon successful completion of this course, students may receive the “Geriatric Care Aide” endorsement by DHSR if within two years of completion of the course the student becomes listed as a Nurse Aide I on the Registry. The endorsement is recognized by the home care industry.


These courses may be taken concurrently, before or after taking Nursing Fundamentals.

Nursing Fundamentals

This course is designed for students interested in medical careers where personal care and basic nursing skills are used. This course is an enhanced adaptation of the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) Nurse Aide I (NAI) curriculum and helps prepare students for the National Nurse Aide Assessment (NNAAP).

Students who pass the NNAAP become listed on the NC NAI Registry.

Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include a required clinical internship in a long-term care agency.


* Healthcare agencies may require testing for tuberculosis and/or other diseases and a criminal record check for felonies related to drugs.

** Students must complete training beyond CATS to obtain certification to be listed on the Nurse Aide 1 Registry.  Students have two years to complete this training in order for the endorsement to remain valid.