Manicuring (Nail Technicians)

nail model

According to the U.S. Board of Labor statistics, over 800,000 people work in the cosmetology industry as skin-care specialists, hair stylists and nail technicians. While cosmetology is big business in large, densely populated cities and states, even the smallest towns can have at least one barber shop or salon. As cosmetologists continue to train for new and in-demand techniques, their services are considered important by many members of society today. Many working cosmetologists feel their job makes people feel better about themselves, builds their confidence and allows them to have a better day, making their everyday job even that more enjoyable.   


Program Overview

The Career Academy has partnered with Mitchell Community College to offer courses in Cosmetic Arts on our campus.  Students have both a practical classroom and full lab complete with seven manicure stations and nine pedicure stations.  The lab is open to the public, allowing students live interaction with actual clients. 

Outside of class, students compete on the regional, state and national level and have already won several national recognitions. 

Upon successful completion of the courses, students may receive a temporary employment permit allowing them to gain employment at a salon or spa.  Students are also prepared to take the North Carolina State Exam for permanent licensure in their chosen area of cosmetic arts.

Sherry holds an associate degree from Mitchell Community College. She attended the manicure
program at Mitchell during the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn't long through the semester when she
realized she had a deep passion for nails and teaching others. 
After passing the NC State Exam to become licensed as a nail technician, she petitioned to take the State Board Exam to become
an instructor of manicuring.

It is now her privilege to teach and share her passion with others and to prepare students to sit for their own State Board Exams, so they too can share their creativity and passion.