Learning isn’t


Experience an education that is tailor-made, just for you.


At the Iredell-Statesville Schools iACADEMY, school fits YOU.

In fact, school can be anywhere, anytime.


The iACADEMY offers educational opportunities that are tailor-made for the 21st century learner. 


Is the iAcademy right for you? 

·        Are you homeschooled or attend a private school, but you need more support with the challenging high school curriculum?

·        Would you benefit from a blended schedule that provides flexibility to meet your needs?

·        Is it sometimes difficult for you to attend a high school that meets daily on a regular schedule?  (ex. you are involved in competitive sports and travel, have a child to care for, you have an illness, etc.) 

·        Are you self-motivated, committed to academic success, and able to monitor your own progress? 

·        Do you have the proper support at home to help you be successful?  


Students can choose from a variety of options, including: 

·        100% virtual learning – all classes are taken online, from anywhere, through the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) or Virtual ISS. 

·        Blended schedule – students can build a course load that meets their needs, using a mix of online classes and traditional or home school classes. 

·        Home school supplement – credits from licensed NC home schools transfer seamlessly to allow students to enroll in a minimum of two courses (either online or traditional) to supplement the classes they have already taken. 


How does it work?

·        Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 courses per semester to be considered full-time, and a total of 3 courses to be eligible to participate in high school athletics. 

·        iAcademy can supplement the home school curriculum, or replace it entirely.

·        Students have the choice of whether to graduate from their home school program, or to earn a high school diploma from Iredell-Statesville Schools. 

·        Internet access is provided only at the iAcademy site in Troutman, NC.

·        ISS does not provide transportation for students enrolled in the iAcademy.

·        ISS offers a loaner device for accessing online classes, for a non-refundable $50 technology usage fee. 

·        Students and teachers communicate directly with each other through email and telephone. 

·        A full-time Distance Learning Advisor on staff to monitor student progress, etc.






Complete the form, sign, and return to the iAcademy Coordinator.  This form may be filled out electronically.