Electronics is essential in our everyday lives.  From computers, to cell phones, to cars, televisions and microwaves.  It seems everything around us contains a circuit board or chip.  Learning to create and fix these boards will propel students into a prosperous career in the future. 


Program Overview

In Electronics I, students learn about basic electricity first; what it is and how it works. Then they move on to learning about the components used to make electricity useful for us, including simple circuit design.

In Electronics II students expand to digital electronics. This is all about ones and zeros, the basics of how all computers and other digital electronics work. This includes Boolean logic and how to design the hardware to get a desired outcome.


Jay Wooten

  • Fifteen years in electronics service industry
  • BS in Electronics Engineering
  • Six year Air Force veteran
  • Married for 18 years and have 3 children.
  • Graduate from West Iredell High School.