carpentry student

Carpenters build frameworks and structures by cutting and shaping wood and other construction materials. One of construction’s most iconic roles, carpenters are involved throughout the building process, from basic layout to the finishing touches on a home, school or office.

With skilled trades careers having a high job satisfaction rating, a career as a carpenter is a great option for people who are creative, detail-oriented and looking for exciting opportunities.

Here are the top 5 reasons to become a carpenter:

  1. Hands-on Work
  2. High Demand
  3. Opportunity for Advancement
  4. Good Pay with No College Debt
  5. Chance to make an Impact

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Program Overview

The carpentry program is part of our overall Construction Trades curriculum.  Students learn the foundations of building, building specifications and requirements, reading blueprints, construction methods and more. 

Emphasis is placed on building tools and techniques.