Automotive Tech


Learn all things auto related in a 50,000 sq ft shop. Students may choose to specialize in various areas of Automotive Technology, including Auto Body Repair, Diesel Tech, Heavy Equipment Repair, Motorcycle/Marine Repair, Parts/Inventory and more.



Gain the skills necessary to be successful as a carpenter. Emphasis is placed on orientation to the trade, building materials, fasteners, hand and power tools, reading plans and elevations, reinforcing materials, floor systems, wall and ceiling framing, and basic stair layout.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Tech can provide you a wide range of job opportunities in local and state law enforcement, corrections, businesses and the courts. Students will get a solid understanding of criminology, juvenile justice, criminal and constitutional law, investigative principles and ethics.


Welcome to the CATS kitchen! Our culinary students have the best of both worlds: a classroom for study and a commercial kitchen for hands-on execution of skills. Following the ProStart Progam, students earn their ServSafe Management certificate making them job ready upon graduation.

Drone Technology

This course provides students knowledge in the field of aviation related to drone technology. Students will also learn the skills needed to fly basic drones for recreational purposes.



Start with the basics of electricity: what it is and how it works. Then move on to simple circuit design, digital electronics, computers and more. Lean about Boolean logic and how to design the right hardware for the desired outcome.





This course introduces students to basic emergency medical care, including preparation, patient assessment, medical emergencies, trauma, CPR and more. Students have the opportunity to participate in “ride alongs”. Upon completion, students may achieve EMT certification.



Unleash your inner storyteller through filmmaking or television production courses at the CATS studio. Students build a portfolio of short films or studio productions from news to dramas to aid in college applications or career networking. All equipment needed to be successful is provided.


The CATS Firefighting Technology program is aligned to the Firefighting I, II and III curriculum presented by the North Carolina State’s Fire Marshall’s Office.  Students may qualify for their Firefighting I and II certifications.


Learn in a lab complete with seven manicure stations and nine pedicure stations.  The lab is open to the public, allowing students interaction with actual clients. Students may take the North Carolina State Exam for permanent licensure as a nail technician.


The advanced manufacturing program introduces various processes and job opportunities in manufacturing with emphasis on machining metal parts. Students focus on safety, measurement, blueprint reading, layout, bench work, sawing, drilling, turning, milling, and more.


Masonry students at CATS become versed in all aspects of the job including proper handling of tools, job site safety, fundamentals of brick laying, and advanced building skills.  Students will get instruction both in the classroom and hands-on experience building in the field.


CNAs, nurses and doctors will always be in demand.  Get a jump on your career by learning hands-on in a classroom lab and during clinical hours at a local health facility.  Students may pass the State CNA exam, allowing them to begin working right out of high school.


The Kaduceus CTE Pharmacy Tech high school program prepares students for a career as a Pharmacy Technician. Upon completion of the program students will be competent to take their National Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam. This program includes online web training and hands-on lab simulation.


This course covers basic industrial and construction welding practices, and entry level skills including tools and equipment, safety, thermal cutting processes, manual plasma arc cutting, manual air carbon arc cutting, and basic shielded metal arc welding.


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