CATS Principal









Dear Parents and Students:

I appreciate  your co-operation  and support during  a very smooth school beginning in spite of all the new routines we have had to adopt.  Our students have been very cooperative during our daily screenings and getting to classes on time.

I am also very proud that students who have had to purchase uniforms for their particular programs have done so and  look very professional. The students in those programs will be our future first responders  and health care workers who are training for situations and circumstances we are currently facing.

Progress Reports have been issued. I encourage you to contact your student's teachers if you have questions or concerns. Now, before the the quarter ends, is the time to get a handle on academic issues whether your child is a Virtual or Face-to-face learner. Our first  scheduled Remote Learning Day is September 28, 2020, which replaces an  Early Release Day. It is a Required Teacher Workday.

I remind you that our staff is committed to keeping your students safe and healthy and creating as normal learning environment as possible . At CATS, our teachers are reminded that for many students, school is the most consistent and stable aspect of their lives so I can reassure you that our staff  will guide, counsel, teach and learn alongside our students.  We appreciate your continued support.

Larry E. Rogers, Principal