Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does CATS provide transportation?  

YES, bus transportation is provided to the CATS campus.  For morning classes busses will pick up from a designated bus stop (see your traditional school for details) and return students to their traditional school in time for lunch.  For afternoon classes, busses will shuttle students to/from their traditional schools, returning in time for students to ride their regular bus home. 


  • Are all classes at CATS 2 blocks?

Yes, due to the drive time between CATS and the traditional schools, courses are scheduled for 2 blocks each day to allow for ample instruction time.  


  • How are credits issued for CATS classes?

All CATS classes receive 2 credits on their transcript, as they meet for 2 blocks per day.  Honors courses also receive an Extra Quality Point as well. 


  • What is the atmosphere like at CATS?

All students enrolled in CATS courses are treated as if they are in a higher education course.  There are no bells to exchange classes. Career-based uniforms are mandatory. Students are held to a standard of respect, teamwork, attendance, participation, and professionalism, just as if they were walking onto the job. 


  • Do I have to be a junior or senior to attend classes at CATS?

For the most part, yes.  All courses have prerequisites that must be taken at the traditional school prior to attending CATS.  Some exceptions may be made based on principal and course instructor input. 


  • Do I have to wear a uniform to CATS?

Most courses do have a uniform assigned based on the career program.  Specific uniform requirements will be discussed in the individual classes.